Welcome to the world of SeriousFun

We know like “Jumbo Shrimp” our name is something of an oxymoron. We like the juxtaposition, the balancing act between creativity and practicality between work and play. This is our comfort zone the area where the magic happens when experts come together to invent. We like this intersection of art and science where the mind can break out and define new boundaries and reach new vistas.

We are here to celebrate the spirit of human creativity. We want to explore with the makers and inventors, the risk taker and the rule breakers. We are charting a course together to do something meaningful. Join with us as we playfully invent the future as a team sport and do things of consequence.

In short let’s have some SeriousFun

Let’s start by talking about innovation. We are looking to share some stories, news, ideas and things of interest and we want to hear from you. We are here to honor and chronicle the people bold enough to try and make a difference and build something important and long lasting.

2019 is a year of transition for SeriousFun as we are expanding. We have always been about connected objects but now we also represent a global network of open innovation. Our mission is to foster a digital transformation story with our partners and clients. Together with our stakeholders we are interested in new ideas and the unique path forward for every organization.

Our forte is assisting companies in the early stages of their formulation of an IoT strategy and its implementation. When a firm embarks on a new Industry 4.0 strategy we are there to guide the first formative steps in crafting the roadmap.

Building Your Innovation Methodology

We help create a bespoke Open Innovation methodology that fits your company and its current capabilities and practices for R&D and innovation. Our Open Innovation approach complements a firm’s existing structure by addressing the entire organization. SeriousFun aims to drive change for the whole company. Your enterprise will take four crucial steps during a SeriousFun innovation journey.

  • Build strong external partner networks
  • Learn how to run IoT projects
  • Be accomplished practitioners of the Agile Way of working
  • Learn and practice advanced rapid creation of minimum viable products

Ingredients for your success

One of the core tenants of all successful innovation programs is the use of external partners. Trusted and talented partners like SeriousFun can infuse new thinking into a company searching for disruptive opportunities. SeriousFun is a catalyst to help your organization build broader networks and partner ecosystems. All of our programs are designed with the underlying purpose of fostering outside in thinking.

Let’s learn from each other, share stories and ideas. Please join us in an open innovation journey. Together we can build a bright future and make a difference.

Jim Myrick
Jim Myrick

Jim is an expert in hardware acceleration, open innovation, sensor fusion, telecommunications and full stack agile software development having founded a number of Silicon Valley and European technology firms. Jim is the co-founder of Serious Fun AB, a Swedish consultancy located in Malmo. Currently he is a resident at the Autodesk Technology Center at Pier 9 in San Francisco one of four sister facilities with locations in Toronto, Boston and the UK.