Innovation Programs

Your future products and services are created in a SeriousFun Innovation Program at the same time as you change your innovation culture and your management process. Here you allow the two central parts of innovation – releasing creativity and customer focus – to reign free from the normal constraints embedded in a mature company.  The Innovation Program takes you through the whole ideation/exploration/exploitation cycle  for digitally enabled innovation.

You design the Innovation Program with our help and tailor it to your needs leaving the execution part to us in tandem with selected parts of your organization. As one integral part and outcome of the Innovation Programs, your teams will tap into the strengths of acting like a start-up bringing another level of creativity and ownership into the newly developed product and services.

The Innovation Programs incorporates many of our other offerings:  Innovation Seminars, Ideation Workshops, and Innovation Tours.

We use the analogy of a recording studio to explain how we ask that a team of some of your best rock stars be allowed to leave their current jobs to set up a temporary innovation outpost in San Francisco to take part in making a hit record. Armed with all the support they need to be successful we empower your people to be creative and flourish in this new open innovation environment. Chart topping new tunes will start to emerge from your team just from being away and together being tasked with inventing the future. Your team will amaze with the pace they can innovate once freed from the daily corporate restraints. Giving some of your best people the mission to create the future for the company is truly liberating to their spirit. Asking your best and brightest people to work together as a team away from the office and to give it their all produces truly inspiring results.

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