Metadata Apps

We think we’ve cracked the code for engagement on the second screen, whether on a tablet, smartphone or even a laptop. We’re unlocking these devices for new brand-building interactions.

Metadata Apps Our game and app work builds on the core research, design and productization our team has collectively and individually developed for over two decades, including real-time animation, artificial life and social/casual music games. Metadata lies at the heart of our game and app platforms, unlocking deeper connections between viewers and producers of content, between fans and brands.

SeriousFun animation and collaboration tools create additional opportunities for our clients in social gaming beyond simple sharing of games and content. We see a future where an 11 year old can make professional quality movies on a desktop with the collective contributions of hundreds or even thousands individual contributors, aligning brands with fans in a way never before possible.

Sound interesting? It certainly does.

Try our reVERB viual music app or our Dancers app.

Serious Fun on Connected Devices