Big data meets location illumination

Imagine being able to measure consumer intent. Now imagine coupling that information with real-time location data, outdoors and indoors. Would this give you a competitive advantage? Would it give your customers a better experience?

IntentfieldWe think so.

Connected devices and big data create opportunities for companies to engage customers as never before. We work with clients to help them capture, measure and most importantly influence consumer intent. We help brands create what we call the “intent field” - that zone where past brand interactions and collaborative filtering combine with location illumination for maximum consumer engagement. The intent field can be a group experience, such as in a shopping mall, department store, concert venue or sporting event. Or it can be the individual’s own experience within that same group in that same location. Thus, one location can hold thousands of related intent fields. This creates opportunities for the ultimate consumer connections and the ultimate “shared brand experience.”

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