Illuminate and engage your customers

SeriousFun creates data illumination and transmedia solutions empowering business to engage the social consumer. We are a solutions provider meshing big data with connected devices to create large scale opportunities for our clients. The SeriousFun team is led by system integrators, telecommunications gurus and transmedia pioneers who have worked with and for some of the biggest names in the business.

Deliver solutions for impact We begin with a solid understanding of our clients’ opportunities or problems. From these complex challenges, we create solutions that appear simple to the end user. We design, build, and operate for impact on a grand scale by leveraging our proprietary IP, hardware and software from our partners and industry open standards.

SeriousFun has offices in Malmö, Sweden and San Francisco, CA and leverages the software and hardware innovations of these two major technology hubs. The leadership team behind SeriousFun is:

Martin Fridh, CEO:
Mobile and Internet services leader with long experience from new product development, large scale systems integration and consulting services. Pioneer in prepaid services and LBS. Martin is based in Malmö, Sweden and also serves as European business unit manager.

Jim Myrick, Chief Innovation Officer:
“Edutainment” pioneer and graphics software creator, expertice in Extended Mind computer systems design, telecommunications engineering, mobile positioning systems, digital content management-DRM-ACR-CMS, meta data and multi-screen RTE application delivery systems and techniques. Jim is the US business manager based in San Francisco, California.

Industry leaders who add expertise and vision to Serious Fun projects include:

Scott Brave, Technology:
Scott specializes in socially-intelligent agents and interfaces, experimental psychology, interface design, computer-mediated communication, artificial intelligence, haptic interfaces and dynamics of trust. Scott earned a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction, holds numerous patents and is co-author of over 30 refereed publications in the areas of human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence.

Josh Rose, Games:
Josh is one of the industry's go-to thought leaders for game design and gamification systems, game virality, retention and monetization, plus social and mobile game business strategy, analytics, marketing, development and production.

Bill Hensley, Marketing and Consumer Insights:
Bill brings his marketing, branding, research and business development inisghts to the team. A recognized leader in brand marketing, Bill directed the marketing that drove the Hello Kitty resurgence.

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